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I see hundred of faces every day up to a max of 1200 volunteers every week.  It’s impressive to keep count of all those who come through our doors at work at their own expense, time and energy; I can never thank them personally enough.  It is another feat to remember their names, each and all, although I do remember faces.  The more distinct your name is, the better I am at remembering surprisingly, although not always a fact.  

I treat all my volunteers equally and all on the same playing field regardless of status should they come in a group from work or should they come in for Court Order or a student doing community service for graduation.  What I find silly is when they want me to treat them differently than others, which I don’t tolerate.  In fact, for those few, I actually put them to work, especially the boss, managers, the ‘big guys.’  This is the place where everyone is on the same playing field doing good irregardless of their title.  Most people like seeing their boss being pushed around. Lol.  I had an encounter today from a semi-snobby volunteer today, jokingly.  They were a group of engineers.  She said I was lucky they were even talking to me because apparently, engineers don’t like talking to people.  My response was, “You’re in my house, you play by my rules.”  

At work, my house, my playground, I treat everyone fairly and equally.  You can’t expect to run the show; I already do that.  I do enjoy being the boss sometime but I am not a dictator.  Should I ever become a boss, I think I’ve figured out how to do it.  I like to have fun and enjoy having a great time with my guest volunteers.  I make that known for sure.  

I got my annual review from the boss today and I certainly got the review I expected.  I was “Exceeding Expectations.”   I bring great energy and positivity to not only to our staff and organization but to all the volunteers whom I interact with on the daily.  I’ve received a great deal of positive response from my volunteers through our surveys.  What I do is felt, heard and known throughout.  I am quite proud of myself, not that I’ve never been but to be able to implement such a strong force of greatness into what I do constantly just feels great.  Apparently people don’t get this remarkable review often at all so I feel pretty good.  I do need to get more involved in extracurriculars within and outside of the organization though to bolster my leadership abilities.  

I am WINNING! Feels good yeah!!! 

I am loving tonight’s misty mysterious fog as I came home tonight.  Should be good for the growing mushrooms.  I will check up on them on Friday.  

This song has been my jam while writing tonight.  What a winning upbeat song!!

I did throw out all my jack-o-lanterns out in the front door entrance today! Feels good to have them out again to ward off evil =P This is the first year to have had them out this early, it is October 1 so it’s totally acceptable =D My mom nags me every year when it comes to Halloween.  Besides the fact that I truly enjoy giving out candy, I think of it as me giving back for all the years and the great memories I’ve had on Halloween as a kid running around the neighborhood or traveling to neighborhoods to collect candy.  I love it, kids love it.  Parents with kids are thankful that there are those out there who are willing to have their porch light on or go the extra mile to decorate to attract kids to their doors with candy to dispose.  Truly though, kudos to all of those who spend a few hours each year to give out candy even if they don’t go the extra mile to decorate.  Your generosity is enriching each kid who approaches your doorstep and ask for candy in either mask or full costume.  It’s the spirit that really matters, the spontaneity of having fun and getting a good workout running around and being rewarded with a belly-ache later.  For me, it’s all worth it as an adult who gives out candy.  Heck, even as a kid, I couldn’t wait to be my turn to give out candy!  I love every candy bar that I give out.  I have a lot of fun giving out candy.  I live for small moments such as these.  These moments makes me feel larger than life itself.  Wishful thinking, I’m hoping to attract more than my average crowd from the previous years.  I am hoping for great weather and I being that Halloween falls on a Friday this year, perhaps I’ll attract more kids to my door.  

Holla at yo boy cuz shawty you know you wanna!   

Autumn rain

I love autumn rain. It’s soothing, calm and cleansing for me. I don’t necessarily always like what comes afterwards but I can learn to appreciate what does as I’ve tried this last year, but for the moment, I’m learning to appreciate every moment that I have.
I’ve never been too fond of autumn but I’ve always been a fan of rain. Rain itself presents many possibilities and opportunities. For some, it may be a time forced to refocus, a time to rejuvenate as symbolic as watering is to growth. For those like me at times, rain presents a barrier, and for whatever advantage it may be, rain allows me to be alone, in my element where I’m at my strongest suit.


Today has been quite relaxful in a busy way?

I went out to the field today before noon and met up with my old Mosquito Cattail Crew at Summit Park in Long Lake, Minnesota.  The crew is still the same guys plus the new replacement for me—Karl.  Still the 6 man working crew, crawling in and out of swamp and storm water drains, scrubbing and dipping away for mosquito larvae.  How I miss them so much!  I had all my mosquito working clothes on and I felt like I was home again with them.  I had a hard time telling myself I couldn’t jump back into place and get back into the trucks while I drove away after we all finally parted ways after their lunch break.  Al and Tony, my life savers were there.  Being in all their company was just so comforting.  Nothing’s changed and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.  Still the same good ole’ crew, full of laughter, tons of swearing and a grand ole’ time.  They even stayed out longer because of my visitation which I appreciated, so we mostly caught up with one another.  Our reconnection today is as dramatic to me as seeing a long lost family or rekindling of a special relationship.  Reunions are always beautiful, that’s if the parties feel the same way that is.  My reunion with the crew has been long overdue as I’ve been meaning to get out earlier during the summer.

No mushroom success today.  I visited my old mushroom log that I used to frequent when I still worked out west but with no surprise, I was late; the log was overdue.  I’ll return to Wirth this weekend to check up on my new patch of shrooms after some rain and time.  

I prepared my potluck dish surprisingly for the most half of my afternoon today.  My coworker and her sister puts on a Community Dinner every week at their place and I’ve been long invited to attend for awhile.  I finally made it today and I made my awesome Spinach Lasagna dish.  I’m glad it got killed early and quick, easily the favorite on tonight’s menu.  I’ll make it a tad better next time though as it could have used half a cup of pasta sauce more.  It was pretty chill.  Most of the attendees were Queer so there was a long discussion about certain topics.  One that was a bit touchy is the Queer nightlife.  Before tonight, I never would have thought that there is hostility from Queers about Straights frequenting Gay establishments such as Gay 90’s.  To their knowledge, 50 if not more percent of attendees are straight, which they don’t appreciate.  In their opinion, this is an invasion of their safe space it was declared.  It made sense but also it wasn’t too inclusive for me being a straight guy with an open opinion about going into a gay establishment.  It can be debated but I can respect their space if so desired.  The only exception is if the invited guest came with their queer friends at their friend’s request.  Interesting insight I thought.

I’m excited for Halloween! My favorite holiday fosho! One more day before October but I’ll start and set out my Halloween door decors tomorrow before work.  I love putting them out and I always get sad putting them away at the end of the month.  I always get excited to put out the small handful of decors that I picked up at the end of the holiday sale the next following year.  This year, I even have headstones.  I’m also thinking about talking to my neighbors and seeing if they’ll participate in giving out candy this year as most years going on now, they don’t and I would like to really revive at least my stretch of the block.  I’ll even buy them candy to pass out! 

Good deal.  The week starts again tomorrow.  So much to do I’m getting antsy!   

Holla at your boy! 


"Bass Therapy"

Bass Therapy for me is simply defined as healing by the sound and the wave motion of audio speakers, and in particular, the subwoofer.  I enjoy being surrounded by loud and rich melodies accompanied by the soothing airwave massage, generated through the punching subwoofer.  

I started referencing this term back in College where I would frequent our Dive dance scene every Friday for therapeutic escape.  Being in the situation that I was, the Dive allowed me to discover this form of healing option that enabled me to both physically engage in the music and entertainment/past-time.  After a long week of studying, all I wanted to do was turn up the music up really loud, soak up some music and dance.  Turning the music up really loud can be equivalent to someone yelling or screaming for relief in a sense, in my case, I can determine the tone by the choice of music.

I loved the scene and it’s natural healing ability, the Dive, hence why I became one of the DJ’s during my time there.  By being the lead, I was able to indicate the choice of music and be in control of the atmosphere.  I definitely spent a lot of time on my own preparing my playlist week after week, even if it was just reorganizing it.  Usually before the party starts, I have a time gap of 30 minutes to spin my own tunes to rejuvenate myself, using the aid of the huge speaker and subwoofer available exclusively at the Dive.  Despite criticism from some about the Dive, they all come running around to the Dive when I’m spinning; you just can’t avoid the lure of the bass.

Bass Therapy for ya! ;)


Today has been the best Friday I’ve had in a long time.  Everything just felt right, went well,started well and ended well.  Couldn’t be happier. 

I went hiking after work as I said to go pick some mushrooms for mom.  I actually walked out of the woods with more than ten pounds worth I swear.  I was not expecting that much, to the point where I was starting to worry about not having enough bag space.  To add to this worry, I wasn’t even at my travel destination yet and I was already loading up the bag from left to right.  It was such a fun time gathering up the mushroom simply because they were just everywhere!  They were all mostly Elm Oyster but I did manage to get a small bunch of Pearl Oyster as well surprisingly.  What a fun fest! I dropped the bag of mushroom on the kitchen table while I went to go use the bathroom.  I heard my mom cheer for joy at the sight of my gatherings. Hehe.  


Things to do:

  • Buy another alarm clock, clock number 3 for work.  I can’t afford to wake up late any more than I have.  I’ve never been late to work more than a few times per year, but not 7-8 times in less than a year. Jesus!  

It usually takes a second application of hair shampoo to get my hair all foamed up while in the shower.  This new bottle of TRESemme that I’ve been using hasn’t been working out so well.  It’s been nearly 5 weeks and going since this new bottle, same product as usual, but just not foaming.  It’s a straw dispenser bottle, set on the bottom of the shower so I never have to handle it.  Today, I finally took a look at it as to why it does not foam.  It reads, “conditioner.” Fail.  

I will go harvest some mushroom tomorrow after work.  It should be fun=)


I’m amazed how things have changed in such little time. I’m amazed and sad at the same time.

I spent much time today contacting old buds and just catching up with them over text today just because it was easy to do and as everyone is so separated and busy of their own.

I contacted my supervisor at Mmcd and I’m heading out west to catch the Cattail crew while they’re on break at noon come next Monday. I actually wanted to put myself back in the role of the employee and wake up at 6 and head in to work by 6:45am to catch them before they run out to the field, which was what I used to do. The time didn’t bother me at all because I loved working there and I loved my coworkers, each and all. I’m glad I’ll see Mr Tony Anderson, Megan, Mad Mike, hopefully AL if he’s still around for this year although he told me last year he probably wouldn’t anymore, at least with cattailing. But yeah, it’ll be really nice to hang out with the old gang like we did last year. It’s weird that one year with any group of people can be of such impact but it has especially with my Mmcd crew. GREAT times! I also dropped in at my Cubs last night to grab myself some juice, milk and my 7 pound can of peach in a second attempt in the last week and a half! They still haven’t stocked it dang it! Talked to my old coworker Mark, got my stuff and then I walked next to the old forklift. My god that thing has gotten older looking and smaller! I drive a bigger fork at work! Then again, I do work in a warehouse with 4 story racks in comparison to 3 racks at Cub. I used to be so intimidated by the fork lift but I’m so pro now. Hehe. I just needed more space to learn which I didn’t have at Cub. I hate bittersweet beginnings, middle and endings. I always feel like so many parts of me are lingering everywhere I go. Maybe I just belong everywhere. I do miss the grocery retail environment once in a while, not going to lie. I talked to Mark about going back to do part time to help or on the weekends. It always seems like help is needed.

Missing, lingering and longing; these 3 are the most hard on me as a living breathing human being. I just want to belong, accepted, appreciated, and wanted. I can guarantee to be hard working, faithful, trustworthy and loyal, the best you’ve ever known! I have a gentle spirit and soul and you can entrust your confidence in me.

Due to the simple cleaning we had tonight at work due to the approaching fiscal year, our inventory audit is this weekend, I ran a simple pasta bagging project and we’ll continue to do so for the next few days until after Saturday. I got out at 830 tonight so the Trio went out for our weekly beer. To our surprise, and it wasn’t of any help after already downing a 32 ounce beer, I went up to the bar for a Margarita only to realize that the bartender is someone I know! Cris is actually my monthly regular with her trio called Soul Sisters. She gave me my free drink. What a small world when you know everyone suddenly. Hehe.

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