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While I was at Menards the other day to pick up some replacement fence panels for the yard, I found myself with a few bags of flower bulbs to plant for next Spring! I finally got my favorite, the Daffodil, in a mixed Daffodil variety bag. I also picked up some Crocus, also in a mixed variety bag. Super excited! I might go back and search for more flower bulbs to plant for the next year.
Today confirmed why I should keep a torque wrench in my car as I already have thought about doing so. I helped change a coworker’s tire today in the parking lot and it was so dang difficult with the pathetic tire iron provided by the manufacturer. This thing was barely a foot long, single bar tire iron. After several attempts also with a few switch-outs with another coworker, I managed to loosen all five lug nuts without hurting myself in the process. Successful and proud.
The afternoon shift today was a killer. I was on my toes the entire time. UnitedHealth group and PepsiCo did work. Between the afternoon shift and changing out a tire, I barely had time for a break today, ten minutes just about, just enough for a pack of migoreng. We finished off the rest of the sweet corn in the evening shift and even got some volunteers to box up some food in the Food Sort afterwards. As usual, my regulars always make my day at work. My regular Brad came in without a hat and I almost didn’t recognize him, lol. The Soul Sisters also made an appearance tonight, their once a month commitment; despite their name, the trio are all blond ladies; they’re the best! I also has another trio: the Kirby family, their first time with us.
I’ve been trying to enhance volunteer’s experience ever since I started. I’ve been giving my volunteer name tags as an effort to mingle and get to know all my volunteers. I’ve gotten positive feedback from doing so as of late. For the most part, volunteers like being known and recognized and I do too. I tie it with a sense of appreciation.
Long day tomorrow. Going in early for support-13 hour day coming up.

Do no make promises you can not keep.  Do not say things you do not mean. 

I do not make promises and I can guarantee that.  My words are truthful.

I am loyal, faithful, loving and kindhearted.  That is all you need to know. 

Despite the fact that I’m pretty used to the cold, there’s a sense of value and appreciation within the cold front, both on the skin and skin deep. This first wave of cool temperature really knocks at our door, reminding us of the changing times. Lucky for us Minnesotans, we get these cues all the time when the weather changes. Some of us take what we have for granted and these cues sometimes allow us to adjust to a better situation than we were before. I always just stand there in the moment and take a deep breath with my eyes closed and try to capture the moment in time because that’s all that I’ll really have of it forever. Whatever I don’t have seems to have been lost in time. This cool weather reminds me of the many good times and also times at which I was alone and searching for warmth and reason. I still search for reason even within my own self outside of the seasons but these cool days somehow slows me down and somehow it even feels like it forces me to ponder and try to make sense of this life. So many questions I always have and so few answers that seems to explain the reality of things and things to come. I’ve gotten use to this cold, on the skin and skin deep.


Mentally and physically abused tonight. Could have gone for another drink for sure.  
It’s always another act of success when I survive through a brutal shift yet again if viewed through another lens, should I have been more prepared I would have struggled less.  FACT: regardless of the preparatory work I could have done, some situations just can’t withstand the doings of volunteers during a shift and that’s just the nature of how things are sometime.  

September is Hunger Action Month and with each volunteer hour logged, BREMER Bank donates 5 bucks.  With this initiative, we get a lot of volunteers through our doors past capacity up to a cap amount to fully reach a potential of fifty thousand dollars or more.  With the influx of volunteers, this also means more volunteers to keep track of and accommodate.  With a good project, I can usually run a large scale operation by myself but some projects are very space limited thus forcing me to run multiple projects at once yet this also means I also need more staff to staff these projects and it makes it hard if they’re not all in the came vicinity.  

Tonight, I ran a Lot of Sweet Corn, bagging them, and I also ran a Honey Gram Cereal labeling project.  Sounds simple enough until you see the operation.  Cleanup took up until 9:30 tonight and I was beat.  

Before the 6pm shift, I had a quick 10 minute break before a late load of delivery came at the door and I had to unload it and then load it up with 20 pallets of the finished Potatoes.  I missed greeting my volunteers at the starting time at 6 and I was rushing to get back to them-what an impression.  Today was so dang busy. 

Went out and bought my Assistants(coworkers) some beer for always having my back, in due to my appreciation of their efforts.  Had our usual 32oz Modelo, some chips and salsa, and for tonight because I deserved it, I ordered a burger at a Mexican restaurant; surprisingly it wasn’t bad at all.  After a hard long shift, I always crave a really greasy burger.  Breanna, my ‘fiance’, was gonna offer us a shot of the best tequila in the house when I was talking with her at the bar, but sadly I had to refuse for the team because old man Jim gets too excited after taking shots and wants to drink more. Lol.  She gave us some Hornitos last time and Jim later fessed up that he just can’t do shots anymore after not having had a shot in nearly 30 years is due to the level of excitement that he gets when taking them.  For this reason, he doesn’t want to do shots anymore, or just not as frequently that is, hehe.  We broke his sabbatical with a shot of Peppermint Schnapps nearly a week ago.  It wasn’t bad, but now I’m curious about Rumple Minze.  Jim’s had history with drinking in his early days.  He’s 55.  

I’ll talk to you more about things later, or text me. Gotta wake up in 5.5 hours to get back at work. I work at 8am on Fri’s and Sat’s.  Back to the Fall schedule =\

Night Love!

I had a mangonada the other day. It was quite an experience I would say. It was interesting for sure. I wasn’t sure whether to like it or not though I was leaning towards an ‘I’ll probably pass on it next time’ =)
Mom and dad both had interesting comments made to me at different times this week regarding my well being.
Mom commented how she would love being the seldom free person that I am, nothing to worry about, no attachments and just living out being an old gangster.
Dad on the other hand commented about how I’m getting old and needing to find someone to settle down with while my parents are still young so they can help us out, primarily with childcare of course. But he also added that he wants us all to lead our own lives once we’re on our own so my parents can start living their second half of their lives as well. He thinks that we’ll be more focused once we have family obligations of our own, which is true to an extent. This topic, I still need to talk with dad more in depth out of curiosity though=)
While at Menards with voos the other day, I saw that the Halloween decors were up already! ! My favorite holiday for sure is coming around the corner already. What bittersweet it is=/
I was also pretty disappointed that I was only able to get out to the Fair for a brief few hours this year. I really wanted to go back out there again and spend some more time out there and explore as I usually do. Sad I am.
I’m currently sitting at 54 bottles of different types of root beer! I have 4 bottles more to go through so I’ll end the year with 58 bottles in my collection. So far with the newly acquired dozen, only a few stood out but they weren’t great by any means. I’m going to have to settle one day.
Maybe bonfire this weekend? The weathers been pretty darn nice. Come on over?
I can’t believe my summer has already came and gone just like that. I need me a sad summer song to listen to=(

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