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Popped some bottles with Jim in the back of Second Harvest after we clocked out of work tonight.  It was great being out under the stars after having been cooped up inside after dark for so many months of cold.  Bottles of my choice next time.  After a long day of work, it’s nice to just kick it in the parking lot. =D!

Went over to Maplewood today for the New Employee Get together Luncheon at noon.  The Distribution Center there is pretty big compared to our facility.

Came home near 11PM and mad grubbed while watching GOT. Life is good. 


Today was such a gorgeous day.  I felt that warm sunshine against my scalp, that was such a great feeling.  The grass slowing popping out green in some places.  The tulips are coming out already too!  Soon enough the winter birds will be gone for the summer again.  

I was reminded yesterday how excited I am to put on a cap again.  I find it funny how I’ve enjoyed wearing caps years go and I’m looking forward again to being able to do so =)

I’ve been eating all day but I think the multiple trips to the bathroom balanced that out; I ate too much pepper throughout the day.  I also bought a big bag of Famous Amos cookies from Costco so I’ve been chowing down on those with milk all day too! So yummy! I’ve always loved those cookies and I’ve only remember getting them from vending machines because I couldn’t find them anywhere else? 

Gah, it’s good to have a lazy nothing to do-not do anything kind of Sunday.  Just music and movies all day long.  =)

Gotta go in tomorrow for some medical training at work tomorrow for a few hours then lunch with Jimbo afterwards! 

I’ll also go checkout the river tomorrow.  Can’t miss out on Spring Crappie action this year!

Perhaps I’ll start hitting the trails tomorrow as well? We’ll see! =)))

You should holla at yo boy ;)


Woke up at peace this morning.  The room lit up because my curtains were tied up, the birds singing their morning songs.  I woke up by my own internal alarm.  How can my mornings be ever so more perfect than this.  7:30 it reads on the clock…  DANGIT! I work at 8 this morning!  Didn’t even get to pack my lunch, the roads were icy, no choice but to be slow and steady!  Got to work fine. By lunch time, my car has slid out of its parking spot and halfway into the parking lot, so has my two other coworkers due to the icy pavement.  I parked on an uneven hillside.  I thought the snow has melted and recede back or something because I for certain didn’t misjudge my park. 

Gosh darn, been hard at work all week.  Been coming home to a beer every night.  Man, this is pretty funny.  It’s interesting how much good comes through all the different level of stress that loads up on our plates at work. Hehe.  Sigh.  Treading water as it has been termed at work.  You can’t afford to sink nor when you think you’re floating, you really aren’t, you just tread along and just don’t give up, don’t give in.  You’ll eventually make it, somehow.  

Today, we had General Mills, Target, Ecolab, Similey High School and Sector Vector, to name a few of the organizations that came through our doors today.  General Mills ended up dealing with the items that they donated to us, that was the funny part—Pouches of chocolate fudge and chocolate frostings, tens of thousands of pouches.  

Going out for a much needed drink tonight, lord knows I need it. sigh.

Saturday’s at work is a party every weekend.  I wonder how it will go tomorrow…=)

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