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I’ve liked how I’ve become way more open verbally and mentally? I’ve always been pretty expressive and so it’s a matter of finding someone who has an ability to listen to my dump when I do.  Lol. For the majority of the time, I speak my mind when I do even if I struggle to put words together, which I will always struggle to do.  Seldom do I ever try to hold myself back from speaking.  Communication hasn’t always been my strongest suit but I definitely don’t refrain from engaging in it.  I hope this improves my future relationships and engagements with others.  

I like Redd’s Wicked Apple Ale more than the regular? Wicked is 8% vs. Regular at 5%.  Funny, I know.  

I think one of the most important roles one has as a significant other is to push the other and support the other to be the best person they can. You don’t want to be the partner who holds the other back–this leaves both parties and the relationship stagnant. You want to help each other evolve and live life to the fullest.


Dang, tired today.  Slept most of today. 

Dang.  Fried rice is bomb.  Is there ever a time when it isn’t appropriate to eat it? It’s easy to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack and just plain eating when you’re bored.  How versatile it is.  I love it!  Reminds me, I need me some Chinese soon with an order of Special House Fried Rice.  

Dang.  This G-Easy guy got me hooked on his tunes.  So hooked, I’m tempted to buy his CD’s rather than pirate them off Youtube. 

Dang.  I gotta drive out to Maplewood to start out my work week on Tuesday Morning, then drive back to Golden Valley.

Dang.  I might just get some KC BBQ ribs after finding that lost necklace for my volunteer.

Dang.  The weather was nice today, why I gotta be so tired today, it wasn’t even like I did much anyway.

Dang.  I haven’t gone hiking in a few weeks.  There’s no excuse for that.

Dang.  Can’t complain too much about gas price right now.  Low enough, I’ll drive myself out next weekend.  

Dang.  The Walking Dead is back on.  Rock on, I mean, slay on!

Dang, I need a hair cut.

Dang, I seriously need to keep running.  I’m getting way too lazy.

Dang.  I need to catch up with more people.

Dang.  Mai Ka and Dang’s house is darn huge up in Ramsey just past Vang’s place.

Dang.  I haven’t gone grocery shopping.

Dang.  I suck. 

G-Eazy - Almost Famous

I like the video to this song.

 I’m diggin G-Easy quite a bit.  I’m not much into lyrics but even I’m paying attention to them and the beats are good.  Turn of tide for me? Maybe!

As much as I like War Heads, they still do a great deal of damage to my mouth after eating them.  I seriously have not seen nor had one for at least a decade now and somehow I found some in the candy jar at work and decided to roll down memory lane.  Bad idea.  My tongue is in discomfort for two days now, then again, I also had one a day for the last two days now.  Sucks.  Never again.  

A great personality can make anyone look so beautiful.  A person with an ugly personality can make even the most attractive look so dang ugly instantly.  

I was over at Stanley’s in Northeast Minneapolis with my two coworkers earlier today after work.  Shortly after we took a seat in the bustling establishment(due to the pub crawl going on), we were approached by a guy and he introduced himself to us.  I was quite honestly confused at first about his motive, even thinking we took his table but he actually recognized us from his volunteer experience with us the previous day! Haha! He was with the Wells Fargo group that I lead, building the 30 pound Food Boxes.  I love that people can recognize us when we’re in public.  Sometimes by how they acknowledge us, it feels like they think we’re heroes but it is in fact, they, who are the true heroes.  I only set them up to succeed when they come in to volunteer as I’ve previously blogged.  

I also get asked whether if I’m a volunteer myself just leading the groups or if I actually work there when at Second Harvest.  When explained that I actually work there, volunteers actually ask how I came to be employed there, as in they find it to be such a great opportunity, which I agree entirely.  The simple answer is that I applied and there are employment opportunities available even for an organization that utilizes so much of volunteer efforts in order to move progress, especially for the facility in Golden Valley.  Sometimes I feel guilty being paid to do what I do simply because the progress is like I stated before, almost entirely run by volunteers.  We cannot move our products and repack any of our products without the time and efforts of those willing to donate their time and energy.  But then again, there has to be consistency with having a group leader who knows what to do and you can’t expect unpaid volunteers to be present all the time to facilitate large size production.  Liability is also big because not only do we the staff use electric pallet jacks, some of us operate big forklift trucks.  So that is my answer to volunteers when they ask about my position and my purpose.  It’s definitely a win-win situation for me, being that not only do I get paid, I get to do good and rewarding work with many of those who are definitely there to do their good deed.  Being around positive energy is always re-energizing and fresh.  Volunteers always remind me how good I have it in terms of a place of employment.  

I realize that I often do write a lot about my place of employment but that is only because it is definitely something that I can be proud and I feel that it reflects a lot upon my personality.  I enjoy the satisfaction of doing good and helping others, giving back and being around those with similar mentality.  Over the course of this year through my job, I’ve learned how to approach people and carry conversations a lot more easily with random strangers.  It is true to a point that the environment is a controlling factor in my ability to mingle with volunteers easily, but even the dynamic within still presents itself to be its own challenge constantly; not every volunteer is going to be easy going nor open to dialogue.  I shouldn’t be surprised because I’m pretty social when given the opportunity and I have no struggle with being around people.  There’s also ties being that I am a people pleaser so I generally like to create a warm environment when I have volunteers.   

OK! Enough of that that!

The male members of the family just came back home tonight with another deer! Gonna get my deer on tomorrow fasho!

Holla at yo boy!

Today’s dream 10.11.14

I dreamt today that I took my cousin’s Prelude for a spin(my cousin doesn’t have a Prelude).  I kinda have always eyed the Honda Prelude.  The one in the dream was a manual transmission.  After taking it for a spin, I realized that I should have done it much sooner because I realized that it sucked! The handling was crap.  

Lesson from the dream: Do things early rather than wait otherwise what you may have always admire and thought was meant to be may not be worth all that you may think.  


This week’s gone by pretty well yet today, I’ve just been lagging much.  Several times throughout the day today, I actually thought it was Saturday; I must be that tired.  Typically at the end of the work week, I’m usually pretty drained of energy, physically and mentally.  Basing off of the personality test I had a few months ago, I feel rather good knowing how balanced I am in between what people often refer them to as, Introvert and Extroverts, yet regardless of personality, everyone gets burned out at the end of a work week.

 Sometimes I wonder if I ever do get burned out mentally at work due to the high volume of people that I engage with on a daily basis.  I’ve concluded that I don’t but audible level of noise does.  Even at the end of each shift, I would turn the stereo off for some peace and quiet.  We have the radio on for the volunteers while they volunteer and we do crank it up pretty loud because it’s so hard to hear in the warehouse.  

Willie and Mychal, my new coworkers who have replaced Tony and Will, are cross-training this week and are working in each others areas for this week.  Willie and I ran out the Lot of apples and switched over to potatoes today.  The repack machines jam up periodically so I often disassemble the darn thing.  Ever since we got them oiled up real well this week, it wasn’t until today when I disassembled a few machines that my hand was getting cut up during the disassembly, which I am not liking too much.   

I had a dinner date with Ms. Mee Vang tonight! I was pretty excited because I’ve honestly have never set a time to just sit down and enjoy her company.  We obviously went to the yummy Victor’s Cafe for good food.  I tried making reservations today at noon and was denied a spot yet when Mee got there, she got us a seat with no trouble! Infact, there were lots of empty seats.  Good food and good company makes for a happy guy.  

I’m getting kinda tired of American foods. There’s so much more to enjoy when eating ethnic food especially when eating out although I’ve had way too much low grade Mexican. I still need to try other ethnic foods!

I love having one on one hangouts with people and friends.  There’s so much to learn and appreciate within each individual.

After a long day at work, if I could, I’d just go hiking, someplace quiet, maybe climb some trees, look for mushroom, pick up feathers, smell flowers, turn over some rocks in a creek—boy would I enjoy that!

I hope you had great week for I surely had a pretty decent one going that’s for sure.  I wonder how I can top off what’s already happened so far this week…hmmm..we’ll see.

If anything should come up on your end, Holla at yo boy anytime! 

After being late to work multiple times already this year, I’ve been set to go buy an additional alarm to eliminate the high risk of getting fired for being tardy so often, so often that even I’m beyond my own belief. I’m surprised I haven’t been talked to already. So days go by after I’ve even set my agenda to go buy one, then I realize that I have multiple old cell phones laying around that I can use for alarms. What a great way to use old trusty cell phones to continue to provide one with reliable service=)))


WOW! JUST WOW! I’m on top of the world tonight! 

A volunteer of mine lost her necklace today while volunteering.  While we encourage volunteers to safe-keep their valuables, even the ones they’re required to take off before they step into the warehouse, some volunteers still manage to lose them.  My volunteer noticed her necklace missing at the end of the shift.  This situation occurs periodically, I’d say, once in two months, which isn’t totally bad but then again, it’s happening or at least for the situations in which I am alerted about.  

This necklace is a sentimental item received from her husband when they first met.  We checked her pockets where she last had them, the trash cans around as the floor was swept clean after doing dirty potatoes.  Nothing.  She also went to the restroom in between the shift, no bueno.  She ended up leaving her contact info even though she lives in Kansas City, Missouri.  I told her I have a 90% recovery rate so far at Second Harvest, though to be honest, it’s more like 100% so far before her case.  The only other possibility is her necklace latching on onto a potato bag in which she was helping bag.  We have nearly a thousand 5 pound bags of potatoes bagged today, bagged again into bigger 40 pound bags.  I told my Director that I may have to stay after-hours off the clock in an effort to recover this missing item.  

Towards the end of the shift, I become skeptical and pretty bothered to be honest.  Something about not being able to do the recovery of this volunteer’s sentimental piece bothered me quite a bit.  Perhaps it’s the act of losing something sentimentally valuable.  Perhaps it’s not being able trying to retrieve what’s lost.  Jim and Laura were both hopeless and definitely not in to dig through the bags of potatoes and were on their way out when we stopped to chat for a bit about the situation, them, trying to figure out whether or not I was staying to find the necklace.  I lost hope at that moment as it wasn’t realistic to dig through the potatoes, and it may take realistically a few hours to dig and bag the pots back into the proper bag then wrap them up again.  As Jim goes back to go tell the janitors that were we in-fact all leaving, I asked Laura, “Laura, have you ever lost something valuable,” (such as that of the sentimental necklace) and I start to pace.  As I was pacing and asking the question, a sparkle caught my eye from the ground and I couldn’t believe what I saw! The necklace was on the ground towards the bathroom where my volunteer had went to use the bathroom!  This part of the warehouse at this time of the night, I had turned off the lights, so that may have helped me spot the necklace easier, coincidentally! I was sooo excited and I was jumping for joy! It was like me winning a million dollars! I was that excited! We quickly went to the phone and called Mindy the volunteer, about the recovery but no answer, so we left a voicemail, then called her friend who lives up here, no answer, so we left a voicemail again.  

Mindy lives in KC, and Jim and I have a history with KC volunteers.  Jim’s huge on KC BBQ ribs so that’s often the conversation that comes up when we find ourselves with KC volunteers.  Mindy said she’d buy us ribs and send it to us should we find the necklace.  Jim’s been having issues trying to get down to KC for a few years now so should Mindy come through with her promise, we’ll surely get ribs soon! Hehe! No guarantees though I’m sure. =\ …But surely, it was satisfying to be able to recover that necklace.  It feels good and I am proud of myself nevertheless because I take good care of my volunteers and I was pretty darn determined to make it happen.  So far, recovery by Andrew, still 100%. 

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